It’s time to start thinking about pool season again and we are more excited than ever. We really enjoyed seeing everyone last summer and look forward to seeing you again this year. We will again offer a discounted price for your pool opening: prepay by April 1st, and you will receive a $15 discount on any of the opening options. Simply send a check with the opening choice in the enclosed envelope. Please contact the store at (260) 627-5580 with any questions. Again this year, we will offer 10% off any chemicals that are pre-ordered and delivered with your opening. Please note,
that we do NOT add chemicals to your pool. We will also offer a 10% discount on all pool and spa chemicals from April 1 until May 31, 2023, in our store.

What to Expect When We Open Your Pool:

  • Removal of all winter plugs and expansion material from the skimmer.
  • Installation of handrails, ladders, inlet fittings, and skimmer basket.
  • Reconnect plumbing, plugs, O-rings, and pressure gauge on equipment.
  • Prime pump and flush all plumbing lines.
  • Start heater (if applicable) – we will test-fire the heater to be sure it is in working order and then turn it off.
  • Ensure there are no leaks on the equipment.
  • Drop off the chemicals you’ve ordered, but we do not add them to your pool.
  • Option 2 Only – Clean, remove and fold cover, and spray off decks if necessary.
  • Option 3 Only – Clean out automatic cover box.

New customers should contact the retail store directly

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Prior to opening:

  • We will call the week before to confirm the day we are coming to open your pool.
  • Please be sure all water and debris are removed from your cover. If you are removing your own cover please have it removed before we arrive.
  • If you have a mesh safety cover or a cover with a drain do not pump water off your cover you will lower the water level in the pool.
  • When removing water from your winter cover remember to fill your pool at the same time. This ensures the liner will not move and cause wrinkles. If you are filling the pool with hard water avoid staining on your pool surfaces by using a pre filter and by adding Metal Remover.
  • Also make sure the water level in the pool is at normal operating level in the middle of the skimmer.

If pressure gauge, O-rings, or other components are missing or damaged, we will replace them with new parts and add them to your invoice. If the total of the parts being replaced is over $50.00 then we will call to get approval before completing any additional work. If we have to make an additional trip to repair, it will be billed as a trip charge plus hourly rate.

Recommended chemical opening directions:

1. Fill pool to middle of skimmer.
2. Balance alkalinity, pH, and stabilizer.
3. If fill water has high levels of iron or other metals add Metal Remover one (1L) bottle per 20,000 gallons around the perimeter of the pool. (If you do not have any metals skip to next step.)
4. Add Natural Chemistry Pool Magic. Shake well and use entire (1L) bottle for pools up to 25,000 gallons by adding directly to the pool water evenly around the edge. Note: Do not backwash/clean the filter for 48 hours after adding this product.
5. Add 1 bottle of Regal Algaecide 60 or Natural Chemistry Algae Break 90 per 20,000 gallons around the perimeter of the pool.
6. Wait 4 to 6 hours and then add your sanitizer (unless using Metal Remover, then wait 24-48 hours).
7. Bring a water sample to our store at your earliest convenience (after pool as ran for at least 12-24 hours) to have it professionally tested for free.