It’s time to start thinking about your pool closing! We highly recommend you choose a pool closing kit to help keep your water in good health over the winter months. We will add these chemicals to your pool during the closing or, for better results, you can purchase the kits in the store and add them a few days before your closing.

If interested, please indicate your choice on the form below and indicate the week you’d like to have your pool closed. We will make every effort to accommodate you on your preferred week, and will follow up with a call the week before we come out with the day we plan to close your pool.

What We Do During Closing:

  • Remove all handrails, inlet fittings, and skimmer baskets around the pool – small parts will be placed in skimmer basket and left next to handrails on the pool deck
  • Remove plugs, O-Rings, and the pressure gauge – these will be placed in the pump basket and left in the pump
  • Blow water from plumbing lines and pour antifreeze in the skimmer, returns, and other water features.
  • Install winterizing plugs (see below*)
  • Install cover (if Option 2 closing)

*If plugs or other closing items are missing, or unusable in our professional opinion, we will replace them and add the parts to your invoice. Plugs easily dry out and crack over the summer season.

Final notes:

  • Make sure your cover is pumped off and stays on while the pool is closed.
  • If large amounts of standing water are pumped off, be sure to fill the pool at the same rate, if the pool is not filled at the same rate, your liner may move and wrinkles may form.

New customers should contact the retail store directly

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    Option 1

    • Winterize plumbing lines, pump, filter, and heater (if applicable)
    • Remove ladders and handrails

    Option 2

    • All noted above for Option 1
    • Install pool cover (additional fee applies for new safety cover installations)
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    New customers should contact the retail store at (260) 627-5580.

    Prior to Closing:

    • We will call the week before to confirm what day we will be out to close your pool
    • During that week, make sure chemicals are balanced and the pool is clean
    • We recommend you do the following 48 hours before we come to close:
      • Make sure plugs, winter cover, water bags, etc. are out by the pool
      • Lower water level if needed (see below)
      • Backwash filter
      • Add a winter chemical kit for best results or have us add one at closing
      • Move patio furniture or other obstacles away from the pool
      • Remove remaining chlorine tabs from the chlorinator (if applicable)

    Water Level

    The following pools should have the water level lowered to just below the skimmer opening:

    • Fox lock-in covers
    • Water bag or tarp covers
    • Mesh safety covers
    • ALL TILE pools, no matter what cover, should be lowered to just below TILE LINE.

    The following pools should not have their water level lowered:

    • Solid safety covers with a cover pump
    • Automatic cover pools with a cover pump

    If you are unsure of what cover you have or where your water level should be, feel free to call.