New Pool Construction

After we’ve planned the best options for your dream pool, it’s time to get started with construction. The process usually takes about 2 to 3 weeks (unless the weather isn’t cooperating). Keep the camera handy; each step makes a great photo op! Here are the steps you can expect during the construction process:

  1. We’ll mark lines in your yard with spray paint so we know exactly where to dig.
  2. Your pool is then excavated according to the proper dig specs for your pool. Don’t panic at this stage; your yard will be a mess!
  3. We’ll build the perimeter of your pool and pour a concrete footer around the outside of the walls. At this time the plumbing is also “roughed” in; stairs and any optional seats are also added.
  4. The next step is to backfill the pool. This means we will fill the area behind the walls with dirt and begin prepping for your concrete deck around the pool.
  5. Now it’s time for concrete! Pea gravel and rebar are added around the pool area and forms are set. Then the concrete trucks come in. Prep for concrete is a very important step for your pool and may take several days.
  6. Next we’ll finish the bottom of your pool. (Lemonade or iced tea is welcome on this day!) We’ll bring in the mortar mixer, and lots of bags of crete/sand mix for the bottom. We’ll carry the mixture to the bottom of the pool and hand trowel over the dirt a few inches thick. This gives your pool a smooth, comfortable surface.
  7. Now it gets exciting! Once the bottom is complete, we install your liner. The liner is spread out, and the edges are placed in the coping edge of your pool. We’ll place vacuums under the liner to draw out access air and add water. After we’ve added water, we’ll cut out the area for stairs and steps.
  8. Finally, we will test the equipment and review proper operation and safety with you.
  9. Enjoy your backyard paradise!

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