Liner Replacement

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Once you’ve decided to have a new liner installed in your pool, we’ll make a trip to your home to measure your pool for a new liner. We have many beautiful liners for you to choose from; picking your favorite will be that hardest part!

The liner will be custom-made to fit your pool. Once it arrives, we’ll drain your pool, remove the debris from the bottom, and remove the old liner. Next, we’ll repair any defects on the bottom of your pool with a pool base mix. Once it’s all ready, we’ll bring in the new liner. The liner is spread out and the edges are placed in the coping edge of your pool. We’ll place vacuums under the liner to draw out access air and add water. After we’ve added water, we’ll cut out the area for stairs and steps. Once your new liner installation is complete, your pool will look brand new!

Free Estimate on your liner replacement